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An Interview with Blogger, Zeenath of “Cooking, Craft and Sewing“

Zeenath Zafar SheBlog

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Zeenath Zafar SheBlog

Thanks for taking the time to chat with SIW. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog.     

Zeenath : I am a foodie blogger for past 8yrs. I have done my Masters in Financial Management but a stay home Mom. Married to a wonderful supportive person and a Mom of a loving smart kid. My passion of cooking started from 10 yrs of age. My Mom a best cook was my inspiration for Cooking and Sewing. Crocheting became my hobby from my Teenage. Cooking Traditional South Indian and North Indian dishes used to be favorite before marriage and  after marriage started trying out International recipes which I got from my friends.

My friends who visited our home started asking for the recipes I made for their visit. This made me think about starting a blog so that it will be useful not only for my friends but also for the newly wedded girls and bachelors. In that way my blogging journey starts in 2007. From 2013 my classmates of my childhood encouraged me to upload more recipes myself in turn got new recipes from them too. Some of the dishes are my own preparations and some with little variation from my mom dishes too.

What makes your blog so unique and why should people read it?          

Zeenath : Traditional Tamilnadu recipes specially from Tirunelveli will decor my blog.Uniqueness is fusion of SriLankan and Tirunelveli dishes.

People can find the easy and tasty way of cooking even the complicated recipes. I have heard some saying ‘ Its a long procedure you will find it difficult to cook’ when asked for recipes.I hate people who discourage us from trying so I decided to give the simplest and easy method so that a people new for cooking too can try all the dishes in a easy method.

How often do you blog?              

Zeenath : I blog as per time I get. During exams and vacations of children updating   will be slow. During the school going day as I get more free time I spend more time in blogging.

What has been your most successful blog post to date and what was it about?

Zeenath : SAGO AGAR AGAR Recipe…

Is my most successful blog posts; recipe made with Agar agar or otherwise known as China Grass. Uniqueness is adding Sago and very attractive colors to the dish.

What do you find most challenging about blogging?     

Zeenath : Securing our recipes and photos from some hackers is the main challenge I had before. Now we got many ways to secure it even though you spend more time in securing it, hackers just take away our hard work in few minutes.

What are some of your favorite author blogs and why?               

Zeenath : I have many favorite blogs among them I like most is  Vani’s Blog…. Vani maam’s is best in teaching how to sew for beginners… Her simple way of explaining the important points to be noted has attracted many people like me….

What are your favorite books that you would recommend SIW family?               

Zeenath : 1)  The Wings of Fire of our ex-president Mr. Abdul Kalam is my favorite book…

2)  The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale and

3)  Confidence Girl by Amla Rilings

Above are the books I would recommend. All the three books will give positive thoughts in all matters and we would face everything  positively.

Can we really make a living by Blogging? If yes, how we can do that?

Zeenath : Yes some people are earning from blogging… Foodie blogs help to get catering orders in that ways if interested a can start a small business too..  We get orders for snack and savouries during festival seasons which will give a good amount of earning…

What advice would you give to young women readers of SIW who want to follow a similar career path as you?              

Zeenath : All Indian Women have a strong personality inside them. We should  bring that women out to achieve our aims. Stay strong in all matters and step forward, surround yourself with positive people, be positive in facing problems and standing up on our own is what our Indian ladies need most now.

Blog URL : zeenaa.blogspot.sg

Category :Foodie

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