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An interview with Pallavi, founder of “Binaca Creations”

Pallavi Smart Indian Women

An interview with Pallavi, founder of “Binaca Creations”

Hi Pallavi, thanks for taking the time to chat with SIW. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work.

Pallavi : I am a Post Graduate in Finance and worked in the banking industry for a decade. With my family roots in Lucknow, we were always inspired by Lucknowi Chikankari and wanted to popularize the art form in other parts of the country. One fine day, I decided to take the plunge to take my mom’s existing boutique in Vizag to the next level. Binaca Creations (Bina being my my mom’s name) is today catering to customers in Vizag & Bangalore; and is known for its exclusive High-Quality Chikankari apparels with a true blend of exquisite Indian traditional textile crafts in contemporary designs.

What inspired you to get into this profession?

Pallavi : My love for the art form and my mom’s passion has been my inspiration all through. Looking at the current fashion trends and the overall market potential, I believe the timing is right for me to scale the business.

What is your USP?

Pallavi : Our USP is Exclusive Chikankari apparels with a true blend of exquisite Indian traditional craft and contemporary designs. Our products are trendy & fashionable positioned for the modern Indian women.

How someone can start the same business as yours in terms of investment, material procurement, production, and marketing etc?

Pallavi : Starting the business may not require huge investments.
Considering that each garment takes 3 to 6 months to complete, one needs to have a very good understanding of consumer trends and a robust supply chain comprising production, sourcing & logistics.

Chikankari suits dress materials Chikankari suits India

Any challenge you face in your profession and how you overcome that?

Pallavi : Keeping abreast with the ever-changing fashion trends is probably the most critical aspect of my profession.

One can overcome this only through gaining better insights in to consumer preferences and is well prepared to adapt to the changing trends.

What are your plans for the future?

Pallavi : With the growth in eTailing that we are witnessing in India, I plan to leverage this medium to scale my business. I plan to create my own online store and may even partner with various marketplaces to become a national brand.

I see an amazing opportunity to educate and increase awareness about this beautiful art. Chikankari is now very trendy; and comes in vibrant colors and exquisite contemporary designs that cater to all age groups across all demographics.

How you manage your personal and professional life?

Pallavi : Working from my home helps me to strike a balance in my work and family life. It gives me the flexibility to spend adequate time with my two lovely boys, aged 9 and 1.

What are your favorite books that you would recommend SIW family?

Pallavi : The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

What advice would you give to young women readers of SIW who want to follow a similar career path as you?

Pallavi : It is simple – Just Do It. All one needs is passion and the belief to get started. One will figure out the rest of the journey as you go down the path….as they say, over 90% of businesses fail even before they get started!

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