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An Open Letter

What are Daughter-in-law's legal rights in her In-laws house?

Dear Mother-In-Law,

My Namaskarams to you.

It makes me little nervous, when I think of how my life would be after I settle down into our new home, with your son. You know why I still called him your son, because he is still very much your son. Having married to me hasn’t changed your relationship with him.

At the time of marriage, I do not know your family values and customs. I am willing to learn them. At the same time, allow me to follow certain customs, taught by my mother, which I feel close to my heart.

I have my own ambitions and dreams very much like your son or your daughter. Don’t make me compromise my dreams or ambitions simply because I am married and have family responsibilities.

I have quality education and exposure to believe that I am sensible enough to take good decisions in life. So, make me a part of decision making in this family rather than setting me aside, saying “Oh, what does she know about life to decide for our family”

We may have personal arguments or differences at times (or many times), that doesn’t mean that I am disrespectful of you, it just means that my opinion is different from yours. Please respect and concede to my opinion too.

I am not a Perfect Woman (no one is!!!). So, please accept me with my shortcomings and failures. I am open to accept my mistakes and willing to correct them.

Looking forward to be accepted whole-heartedly and to live peacefully with you in our home.

Yours affectionately,

You’re Daughter-In-Law


Dear Daughter-In-Law,

Welcome to the family!

My girl, Marriage is not about owning relationship, it’s all about sharing relationship. My Son / Your husband is as much yours as he is mine. You will have the needed space to develop your relationship with him.

I know adjusting to our family will take some time. When you adjust, just don’t adjust only to suite your husband needs, adjust to suit the needs of those who are associated with him in the family.

When you live with us, don’t always draw comparisons with your parental home. Both the homes are culturally and customarily different. Understand and accustom to this difference.

Our family pride belongs to you as well. Keep our family issues within our family. Any problems within us, discuss with us directly, rather than allowing outsiders/your parents to take matters into their hand.

I will not be judgemental of you, when I know too well, I am not 100% perfect myself. I will accept you as what you are. When you make mistakes, I will correct you and guide you with my love.

Lastly, I have been a daughter-in-law first and then only a mother-in-law now. I can understanding your feelings. You needn’t have to be nervous. You have our whole family to welcome you to this new environment which would eventually become your “HOME..SWEET HOME” for lifetime.

Looking forward to share a very happy and harmonious relationship with you in our home.

Yours affectionately,

You’re Mother-In-Law


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