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Feminization of HR: Women Leading in Human Resources – A Quick Look

Rights of Indian Women

Today, India is a force in the global economy, with a high demand for talent. A key source of talent is educated Indian women. While Indian corporations are yet to fully recognize or utilize this talent pool, the growing gender diversity in Indian white-collar ranks now offers a passage for change for the Indian women

Societal and cultural change implies a shift away from traditional views, stereotypes and societal attitudes, with increasing opportunities for Indian women in management. While change is slow for Indian women to gain executive positions, they have made progress in management in a relatively short time. Today women are seen performing tremendously well in the corporate sector – be it heading a bank or running a biotech company, Indian women have definitely made a mark for themselves.

One of the domains where Indian women have made great progress is the human resources (HR). Statistics reveal that in the United States (US), the HR is totally dominated by women with female employees making up nearly 70% of the workforce. This is followed by Europe where again female employees make up nearly 75% of the HR workforce. India is also not far behind. More than 50% of individuals employed in the HR sector are women. Nearly 50% of all HR heads and Vice President’s position are held by women these days.

According to a research, globally, women hold over 60% of the HR jobs across various industry verticals. This is a clear sign that women are ahead of men in this segment.

Even though during times such as these, when HR is embracing technology as fast as it can; bringing about changes through applicant tracking systems, HR analytics, workforce analytics and big data analytics, women seem to be at ease with such technology and continue to scale heights in the domain of HR. Even recruiters are not scared to appoint women in head HR roles despite involving technology.

But what is that makes women dominate the field of HR so much? There have been ample research behind this and studies have come up with certain obvious reasons. Some of them are, as follows:

  • Women are better at relationship building. Studies have proven that women are much better when it comes to relationship building. These relationship building skills are essential when a company needs to build upon its customer relation and client’s base.
  • Women are far better communicators than men. And every organization needs people who are great communicators and they lead in this sphere when it comes to communicating at professional and personal level. Since women tend to be better listeners than men, they generally make better leaders.
  • Generally women are good at multitasking and HR is one domain where one needs to indulge in multitasking abilities more often. Right from interviewing candidates to dealing with senior management to regularization of pay slips, tax, and a lot more activities. From organization designing, to recruitment, onboarding, training, and employee engagement – everything requires a human touch and women make it a little easier. And since women are great at multitasking, they excel at performing all sorts of work with much élan.
  • Some researches end up pointing towards genetics and biology that argues in favour of women taking up more HR roles. Experts believe that since women by nature caring and nurturing, the role of a HR suits them the best.


Traditionally, across societies, women are seen as someone exhibiting and excelling at softer skills. Therefore they are perceived to be good while it comes to people management skills and recruiters leverage on this ideology more often.

So, on a last note, it can be said that women with their sensitive, polite, cooperative and nurturing attitude justify HR roles to perfection. And when it comes to dealing with people, these characteristics make them perfect for the HR industry.

Source: Jstor

Author Bio: Sampurna Majumder: A digital media strategist and a content marketer, Sampurna is passionate about writing and blogging. Working as a full-time professional writer for more than five years now, she has been lending her expertise to the online world by penning articles and blog posts on jobs and careers, HR tips and the recruitment industry. She also enjoys reading and travelling.


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