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How to Avoid Work-At-Home-Scams

List of Work from Home Scams

Most of the work-at-home advertisements either on-line or off-line are very juicy and attractive. Genuine job providers do not make hallow advertisements and will have an answer for every question you would probably ask. It is the scammers that come up with spicy advertisements to trap you with their bait. It is here that you need to be very cautious. Following tips help you avoid work-at-home-scams.

List of Work from Home Scams

 Do not pay any amount at any stage to get work:   

Have you heard of any job provider who asks the employee to pay some amount or fee or registration charges? This is the first basic point to keep in mind. Imagine, you are going to attend a job interview in the real world, how would you react to such requests? Would not you feel it is absurd? Yes – so this is the first precaution. You need to double assess whether the requirement of paying an amount toward some deposit to send you certain equipment or material connected with the job is real and needed.

Check the URL and business before you take the leap:

URLs look great. If you are not careful look-alike URLs of big companies mislead you into a commitment. For example CNBC – a similar site of the official CNBC looks as though you are dealing with the original site. If you start scanning it then you will find the difference i.e. instead of ‘.com’ it is ‘.in’. Therefore, beware of URLs.

Do not fall for unrealistic income possibilities.

This is another important basic point, as these phony companies target gullible people who say ‘ohs’ & ‘mys’ on seeing large income prospects.

  • Look for endorsement logos on the site to give authenticity. You can also check for contact information on the site with other independent sites.
  • Do some research on the site that interests you, for listed telephone numbers and is open during normal business opening hours.
  • Do not search for work-at-home job sites; instead refer established job boards or authoritative books.
  • You need to educate your self on what you intend to find. Learn which industries use homer workers. You can use your logic also.
  • Do not ever trust ‘money back – if not satisfied’ tags. Ninety nine percent of them are scams.
  • Do not get attracted with slogans like ‘you can earn four digits money each day’. Ask yourself whether it could be true?
  • Look if any guarantees are given. If they are given, be sure to read them carefully.
  • Search the URL in Google. If it has deceived any one previously, it is bound to appear there.
  • Do not get carried away by photographs or testimonials. If you feel they are too professional, then they are to be doubted.
  • Discuss it with your friends and family and do some questioning. You will know where you stand.
  • When you are totally satisfied with all the information and there is no need to pay anything in cash still take your time to read terms and conditions of the deal and then take the decision.

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