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Juggling Responsibilities and Planning chores – Time management for housewives

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As a housewife, you need to co-ordinate many aspects revolving around your home. It includes not just taking care of the house and children but also efficiently managing the household within a specified budget. All this requires time and effort on a regular basis and thus you need to manage your time well.

Here are some time management tips for you:

Plan Ahead:

Planning in advance will take you a long way. If you prepare for the activities in advance, you will know exactly how much time each activity will take. We suggest that you keep a time management chart. These charts are easily available online for free download or if you are creative, you can design one for yourself. The chart will typically have 7 days of the week chalked out along with the daily tasks and import errands of the day. You are suggested to keep this chart in a place, which is easily accessible. It would be best to hang it on the fridge.

Be organized:

Try and keep things organized in your house. Try to tackle one room at a time and organize it completely. This includes not just your bedrooms but also your kitchen, garage, bathroom and basement.  When you have your cupboards clean and you will find things easily and not waste time on tracking down items. Another time saving tip is to label everything. If you use boxes, bottles, drawers etc., make sure to label them properly. Labeling items make it faster for you to retrieve them. It will also make it easier for the rest of the family to find their stuff. It is a tedious process to organize, but it will save a lot of time in the long run.

Involve the children:

Instead of taking all the decisions, involve the entire family. Call in the entire family once a week, to help you with some planning for the week. Decide on family meals for the week. This will save you valuable time during the week not just when you are cooking but also when you buy your groceries. You will know exactly know which groceries you need and you will save time while shopping.

You can even assign some chores to the children and save some time. You can teach children to put away their toys and books. Once you inculcate these habits, you will realize you are not spending as much time behind your children.

Embrace technology:

These days you can buy practically everything online. If you really want to save time, you can shop for clothes, clothes, books, groceries etc. online. You can simply order for things online and it will be delivered home. You can even download a few mobile applications on your smartphone that can help you save your valuable time. These applications include applications to keep a track of budget, grocery lists, to do list etc.

As a productive housewife we are confident these time management tips will help you immensely.

What are you waiting for? Start designing your time management chart today.

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