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The Art of Storytelling

Must Read Children Book Series of Age Group 8 -10 Years

Once upon a time there lived a Majestic Tiger in a dense Jungle. On a thunderous rainy day, all the animals gathered before the Lion for an emergency meeting. Roar ……. Roar…. The Lion was telling something seriously. Mew …. Mew …. The rabbit trembled. The jungle was filled with mixed emotions and sounds.

I was narrating the story Rainy Day in a Jungle to my son Mithu and his friends. Around 10 friends were gathered in our hall for this Story Session. All were eagerly listening to the story. This happens many a times in our home. Myself and Mithu enjoy stories very much. We share stories of all kind – funny, serious, moral, grandma, Folk, comedy, thriller and so on. I love being a Story Teller.

While telling the story, Mithu acted as Elephant, Kishore acted as Lion and Hari acted as rabbit. They really mimicked the animals very naturally. Dance, drawing of the story, singing song followed the post story session. Of course, we all enjoyed sweets and karam too.

This post I would like to emphasize the importance of Story Telling. I love this topic which is more close to my heart.

Reasons for lack of Story Telling

Teachers and parents are not able to tell stories in this modern world due to some difficulties as :

  • Limited time to complete the syllabus.
  • High stress in working environment.
  • Lack of time.
  • Less priority.
  • Lack of knowing stories.
  • Lack of interest.
  • High homework stress to kids.
  • Lack of reading.
  • High dominance of technology.
  • Effect of Micro Families.

The Art of Story Telling

You can select any convenient time for you and kids to tell stories. Mostly I prefer night time to share Bedtime Stories. While telling the stories, you act and make music, leave some pause for the kids to guess. Kids should talk, discuss, share and express. Parents should respond, encourage, listen and guide. Parents should respect kids feeling and thoughts. Really the story time will be a bonding time I your family.


Benefiits of Story Telling

Story telling has numerous benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  • Positive things, moral and values will get rooted deeply.
  • It’s easy to shape younger minds rather than grown up adults.
  • Kids may be encouraged to think and ask questions.
  • New things, culture, tradition can be explored.
  • Vocabulary can be improved.
  • Self confidence and the art of communication will be improved.
  • Screen time can be reduced.
  • Kid’s memory and concentration improves.

Post Story Session

  • Kids may be engaged in conversation, dance, painting, singing song about that story.
  • Glimpse of next day story can be given.
  • Share the good old memories of yours.

Mithu’s Bedtime Story Session

First I would tell a moral or Bakthi story. Then Mithu would tell a funny or thriller story. Next one general knowledge information and one mysterious scientific information would be shared. Peaceful sleep continues after hugs and sweet dreams.

Story Telling is an Art.

Practice and passion creates a great Story Teller.

Author : V. Vasantha

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