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The Happy Old Couple

Senior Couple

Saturday night I went with my family for dinner at a nice Italian joint.  As we settled down, an elderly couple seated next to us caught my attention.  The couple who were in their 60s were having yummy pizza and pasta and playing scrabble on the iPad.  They were sharing jokes, playing, and having a nice time.  It really felt so good to see the elderly couple enjoying each other’s company.

Senior Couple

More than once, I have always seen elderly couples in our country either lacking in communication or having constant fights rather than having healthy conversations.  For most of the couples, it’s just co-existing with each other rather than living and enjoying with each other. With the kids having gone their paths and both of them having fulfilled all their responsibilities and having ample time, they should be happy and make up for the lost time and hobbies or the interests that they wanted to pursue always.  But most of the time, though I am not generalizing, I see most of the aged couples blaming and accusing each other for things of the yore or having nothing to talk about.

The restaurant couple appealed me a lot in their body language and the way they interacted with each other.  All couples should remember that they are the ones who started their married life with each other, raised kids, faced many ups and downs in life, shared responsibilities, and spent the most part of their life with each other than anybody else and so they are the ones who should be the closest rather than drifting away!

Wish we all are as happy and content as the elderly couple in the restaurant when we reach that age!

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