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Throw an Elegant Masquerade Party for 18th Birthday

Throw an Elegant Masquerade Party for 18th Birthday

If you have been thinking that Masquerade theme birthday parties are so last century, then, think again. These elegant classy parties are starting to make a comeback this year, and now, you have the chance to throw a great masquerade themed 18th birthday party. You may be thinking about birthday gift delivery. If you are reading this article, then either one of two things have happened – either you have been given the job of throwing a masquerade themed birthday party and have no idea how to do it or you are trying to figure out what kind of party to throw and this came up on the Google search. If it is either one of them, then read on since after you have finished reading, you will be able to throw the best Masquerade themed birthday party.
Now, to throw a birthday, here are 6 crucial elements that need to be considered – invitation, décor, food and drinks, party favors, and games. So, here’s how you do it

Masquerade Invitation: 

One of the best parts regarding attendance at a masquerade party, apart from actually going to the party is receiving the invite. This is absolutely critical for throwing one of these parties. It does not matter whether it is handmade or ordered online or an invite has been sent, these invitations have to be special. Customized masquerade invitations are available online and there are numerous designs to choose from. Masquerade invitation is a great idea to adopt and becoming a trend, especially on special occasions. The important thing is sending your invite out at least 3 weeks prior to the date and the guests should be insisted to RSVP.

Masquerade Decoration and Lighting:

In any venue, a dark colored background with some color and sparkle will work wonders. You need to get as much purple, silver, and gold balloons as permitted by your budget and fill them up with helium. Add to this a disco ball for the dance floor and it will be excellent. You can also add a photo booth to make it classier. Make sure you have big space which will be the dance floor. There should be soft, yellow lights instead of the harsh white ones. Battery operated candles will do the trick and do not forget about the golden fairy lights which adds class being hidden in the flower arrangements and topiaries. Decoration and lighting should be such that it attracts the guests on the dance floor to make the celebration memorable. 18th Birthday Party is really a special occasion and the celebration should be enlightened by the glittering decorations of in and around the party area.

Masquerade Food and Drinks: 

This is the tricky bit at a Masquerade themed birthday party. Masks do not offer an easy way to consume food, and thus it is advisable to serve small dishes. Accept quality over quantity and have 3 or 4 savory choices and 2 or 3 sweet choices. Make sure the food and drink fit the theme of the party. And one other thing – have at least one vegetarian or vegan dish and a gluten-free dish. Masquerade themed parties are famous for fancy drinks and tasty food, however, it is simple to have some beautiful one-bite snacks and a punch. Regular punch can be bought from any local store, but, if you want to make up something on your own, then you can always look up some great punch recipes online which can be both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Make sure that the snack table is flashy and placed at a central location since it is a great ice breaker. Snacks should not cater only for a certain age group. Remember that the birthday party will be attended by different age group. One can take the help of Candy Basket Delivery service to make the party more joyful. It’s special occasion!!!So, plan accordingly.

Masquerade Entertainment: 

Entertainment is the most happening words for success of any birthday party. The entertainment part of the party includes distribution of party favors and games. The main part of the masquerade party is revealing who everyone is by removing the masks. However, this doesn’t happen until the end of the party so, there has to be some way to keep the guests entertained. The best choice is to get a live band or a DJ to play some music according to the mood. Some games are also suggested like a poker game or a silent auction. A mask hunt is also another way to go. Design masks for the hunt and hide them across the venue. The individual who finds the most masks get a prize.

Masquerade Party Favors: 

Party favors can be in the form of chocolate bars which will have personalized labels that will be designed according to the party theme. There should be different arrangements o entertain the guest with novel and encouraging ideas. You can search a plethora of ideas and games online which would really very helpful in arranging the entrainment show-time during the birthday party. Magic tricks, card games, puzzle etc. are some of all time favorite entertainment pastime during the birthdays.

So, this is all the things that you need to organize an elegant masquerade party for either your or someone you love an 18th birthday. Remember to always stay in a budget as these things sometimes get out of hand. Other than that, have fun, dance, and just enjoy.



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