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Time Management Tips for Working Moms

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“God could not be everywhere so he made mothers” – Jewish Proverb.

Well, the originator of the proverb meant that a mother’s love is universal and unparalleled.  He/she might not have visualized the modern, working mother.

Yet, true to the proverb, today’s mothers are expected to be everywhere – home, office, kid’s school – and if time permits, at the gym, club, social functions.  The list could go on.

Multitasking is a myth.  Perhaps the ultimate multitasking woman was goddess Durga.  She had ten arms, each armed with different arms! Even then, she had a single task – that of killing the demon Mahishasur.  If wishes were horses, working women would like an extra pair of arms!

There are great numbers of books on time management.  The Internet is rife with millions of pages on the topic.  Yet it appears nothing works.  All tips are repetitively boring.  Although well intentioned, time management tips for working moms somehow miss a point – that there cannot be “one cure fits all” solutions for every problem and situation.

The tips below are in the similar lines but with a different touch.  But some basic tips first.  Even following the tips below will help you manage time tomorrow if not today.

  • Celebrate work: whether you are in business, service, self-employed or stay-at-home mom, love your work.  Separate home and official work.  Don’t let office stress encroach upon work at home and vice versa.
  • Celebrate motherhood: do not let the life’s minor quirks ruin the great feeling of being a mother.  As you sow, so shall you reap.  Good mothering today will bear fruits in shape of dutiful, caring and successful children and better citizens.  Be a gentle yet assertive mom.  Instill discipline without being an authoritarian.
  • Celebrate yourself: be yourself.  Allow some quality time for yourself.  Be selfish sometime and indulge yourself.  Start hobbies.  Make friends.  Develop a sense of humor.
  • Celebrate everyday: take every day as it comes.  World will not stop if you worry.

How the working mothers should plan their day

Now some concrete tips.  These tips are intended with busy mothers in mind.  Instead of run of the mill advices like ‘planning’ and ‘prioritizing’, the author would like to offer some very practical tips.

  • Don’t write tasks in a diary or on paper.  Write on a whiteboard in BOLD RED letters.
  • You are not born to please everybody.  At home of office, if you do work for others they will take you for granted.  Make your hubby and kids shoulder some responsibilities – making tea, cutting vegetables, laying the table, picking dishes, watering plants, walking the pet dog – the list could be endless.
  • Kitchen takes up a lot of time.  There may be at least 200+ different items in the kitchen.  Arrange all cereals, pulses, spices, condiments and other food items in clear, transparent containers in the kitchen as well as refrigerator.
  • Plan your pregnancies.  More than one wailing child will eat up all your time, unless you a supermom.
  • Technology can be a great timesaver.  Invest (with due respect to your finances) in good quality, automatic, programmable  washing machine, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner,  food processor,  oven, toaster, computer, etc.  Pay bills online as far as possible.
  • Uncluttered home is a sign of a meticulous person.  Reuse and recycle as far as possible but throw all useless things.  Don’t be sentimental over things.  Donate/discard old clothes, toys, books, furniture, etc and be contented.
  • Limit TV viewing.  Instead, keep on soothing music all day.

How you manage you time with so many responsibilities?

Would you like to share your tips with us…

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