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TV Watching – Does it actually increase spending?

Effects of watching too much TV on kids

“So, please, oh please, we beg, we pray, go throw your TV set away, and in its place you can install, a lovely bookcase on the wall.” 
― Roald Dahl

Life is all about spending, be it time, energy or money. The former two are at our disposal and we can judge them according to the need and use them. It is the latter i.e. the third one that we need to apply caution and commas and full stops. It is that rare commodity that we need to earn to spend. If earning and spending are proportionately balanced, it is ok and earning is over than spending it is still ok, but if spending surpasses earning we may have to face financial difficulties.

Habit of watching TV


All middle and lower middle class families across the globe are concerned about their spending. Among other things that enable you spend less is TV. It is not only expensive but also leads to domestic sluggishness, how? Find out.

  • Digitized version of cable connection costs not less than Rs.250/- a month, which comes to Rs. 3, 000/- a year. You can buy one gram gold every year, which will potentially add up to your net worth.
  • It is electricity charges that hover over our TV watching. Year after year there is hike in electricity tariff apart from so many levies. Most of the states in India are facing shortages in electricity production. The pilferage in electricity consumption is made good on common man by increasing the charges. On this front alone, we cannot afford to watch TV for not more than a few hours a week.
  • Imagine the time we spend on watching TV. If the same time is spent on something productive and beneficial to the brain and body how wonderful it would be and how rewarding it would be. In terms of health and time management, TV watching is a sheer wasteful frittering away of our valuable time. Is it not spending more indirectly? The time which could have been creative.
  • Children, if habituated to eat while watching TV, can anybody honestly say that they eat enjoying the food served? Definitely not. They are more anxious and riveted to watching the programme than to concentrate on eating. Then how the food assimilates in their bodies. It is not a proactive habit.

Effects of watching too much TV on kids

  • Most of the people who constantly keep watching TV glued to chairs and couches often end up obese or diabetic or become heart patients. If there is no physical exertion, how can they maintain good health? Is it not grossly expensive?
  • Above all how about the stress factor? The stress that TV watching leaves on us is unimaginable. All the programmes and serials that are made for TVs are aimed at making the viewers spell bound and lose a heart beat here and there. Sentiments and emotions that they emit are superfluous and make you sick in the stomach. If they do not leave nagging and haunting feelings in us, what else they do. What do you say about those crime stories? Do not they make you a misanthrope?


There is nothing wrong in watching TV, but one must apply caution and confine to watching programmes that are informative and knowledgeable. 

Do you agree with the above points? Do you have any point to add in the above list?

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