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What are Daughter-in-law’s legal rights in her In-laws house?

The tight rope walk, do the balancing act

To put it in a simple and clear way, legal rights of a daughter-in-law are the same as that of her husband in her in-laws house.

What are Daughter-in-law's legal rights in her In-laws house?

  • Anything that comes to him is also hers. So, it will only stir up unnecessary ambiguity and confusion, if this topic is discussed in her in-laws house.
  • All daughters-in-law should know that they have no legal right on things that their mothers in law own.
  • In general the wife gets some jewelry on some occasions before and after marriage from parents and in-laws. This property is called ‘stree dhan’. Therefore, the daughter-in-law has no right on her mother-in-law’s stree dhan.
  • In common parlance whatever the daughter-in-law gets out of marriage is taken by mother-in-law for safe custody. If mother-in-law passes away without leaving a will, the daughter in law legally receives it, but not the son.
  • By and large, only a rare bride would maintain some proof for the stree dhan.
  • In a recent judgment the Supreme Court ruled that a widow even if remarries is legally entitled to her first husbands property. 
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